Getting into it!

Sep 30th 2017

Well! Im finally getting the hang of having a website! There;s so many more options and things to change then when I was in the Etsy store! But i'm enjoying learning a bunch of new stuff and I love you, my customers and friends, for being so patient with me in the transition and helping me work all all these bugs!

Ive had a tangled mess with finalizing out the last of the preorders from Etsy but after some messaging them I think I'll finally be able to clear all those out this week! Im very excited for that as it was difficult to have access to certain things I needed. And I really want everyone to get their dice! Thank you to everyone that preordered those!

My next exciting bit of news is that I created a new dice line, the High Viz dice, for people that have a hard time with vision or if you wanted a better die that shows up for streaming, or you just wanted some dice that have HUGE numbers on them! They are a lot of fun and Im enjoying rolling these around the desk!

Oh, and real quick....WE ARE IN FALL!!! You know what that means??? Autumn dice are on their way for the season so those will be rolling out throughout this month. Warm colors...leaves...pumpkin spice... So many new things I have planned to add to the wonderful season.

I hope everyone is doing well and you are having a fabulous time!!!